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Would Someone Just Stay Healthy? and other rants…

Yep, after fighting bronchitis for over a week, Gavin got sick with a nasty cough, slight fever, and congestion. Justin stayed home with him on Monday and I stayed home with him on Tuesday and today. Turns out he also has an ear infection. Fun. So while I was home with Gavin I got really […]

They’re Trying to Kill Me

I truly believe that my kids are trying to kill me.  I am currently (successfully?) fighting a cold.  I don’t feel too bad, just a little congested and run-down.  But now both kids have re-implemented their Plan to Kill Mommy after a two-week hiatus where both were sleeping well through the night. 11:30pm–I go to […]

Daddy Suck-it

Yep…that phrase came out of my three-year old’s mouth last night.  The conversation essentially went as follows: scene:  Colleen, Gavin, and Cooper are in Colleen’s car pulling into the garage.  Colleen is sending up prayers of thanks because the electricity is back on (she received a call earlier stating the whole neighborhood had lost power but […]

Bears Lost

and really, that’s all I’ve got to say about that. If any of you are Looky Daddy fans…his daughter Katheryn had what doctors believe might’ve been a seizure…very scary stuff…be sure to stop by to lend The Dad and The Mom your support and good thoughts. And just to raise the spirits a little, this week […]

I suck…and Gavin rocks!

Okay, not even a week into my 31 for 21 and I miss a post. But I have an excuse…it was Justin’s birthday yesterday!!! And today was Columbus Day…wee! Justin was off for the holiday and I took the day off and we sent the kids to daycare. He studied in the morning and I […]