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Fun with Hormones and Bellies

After a nice vacation from my hormones, where I had nice skin, relatively low amounts of heartburn, was tolerating nearly every type of food, and was feeling pretty chipper. Then about three weeks ago, all hormone hell broke loose. Heartburn is threatening to burn all the way up to the bottom of my eyeballs; my […]

Cooper Turns Two

I’m not sure where to start on last weekend, but I think I will leave the bulk of the weekend to another post and focus on the main highlight of the weekend: Cooper’s Second birthday. Yep, last Sunday, my little Bubba turned two and we celebrated with a Blue’s Clues theme birthday party. Come to […]

Pics from Gavin’s Epic Birthday

Due to having all of our family out of town, most of our Christmas and birthday gifts are mailed. So Gavin got a gift from Justin’s sister, Jen, and her family early in the week, so he opened it on the morning of his birthday along with a few small gifts from us (since Justin […]

Party Time

Saturday was Gavin’s birthday party, and despite our earlier discussions regarding birthday themes we went with a pirate theme, which was easier, and I think, a lot more fun than Batman or Wolverine. I mean, do either of those guys run around saying stuff like “arrgghhh!! where’s me booty?” Okay. Gavin wouldn’t say it either, […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Gavin!

Wow. Five years. It just seemed like last week you were just learning to sleep in your big-boy bed and coming into our room at odd hours of the night, barely as tall as our bed. Then I suddenly noticed Saturday when you came in and woke me up while I was napping, that you […]